3 Best Fans for Zwift 2023

Having a fan when riding indoors is extremely important to keep cool and happy. I’d argue that having a fan is one of the most important things to a Zwift set up. It makes things tons better than without a fan. However, there are tons of fans on the market. This guide aims to help you narrow down the list of the top fans for Zwift.

1. Lasko High Velocity Fan // Best Value

Some of you may be questioning why I chose to put this fan over the Wahoo Kickr Headwind. I personally find that nobody should be spending $200+ on a fan. It is simply unreasonable. Yes, it looks cool and has nice features, but that still does not justify the cost.

The Lasko High Velocity Fan is extremely powerful, offers three different speed settings, lots of adjustability, and most important, it is more budget friendly than the Kickr Headwind. If you are looking for a simple and powerful fan, this fan is perfect.

In our pain cave, we paired the Lasko fans to a smart plug. With the smart plug, we can control the fan via the app, or through an Amazon Alexa in the corner of the room. Simple!

2. Wahoo Kickr Headwind

The Wahoo Kickr Headwind is pretty old at this point, but still remains the golden standard for indoor cycling fans. There are a few different reasons why someone would purchase this fan…

  1. It has the Wahoo name on it
  2. It looks nice
  3. It’s kinda a flex

In truth, the Kickr Headwind does have quite a few handy features. These features include the ability to control the fan via heart rate, better air-flow simulation, and Kickr Desk compatibility. If you are wondering what “Kickr Desk compatibility” is, it just means that the fan is “designed” to fit with the Kickr Desk. All of these reasons justify why I chose to put this into second position, rather than it’s typical first.

3. Generic 9” Fan

There are thousands of fans on Amazon, and most of them are virtually identical—just with different logos placed on them. However, a 9″ fan should be sufficient for most users, but I would still recommend the Lasko fans over these. These fans are more broad, so if you are looking for a more targeted experience, I’d recommend going with the ones listed above. We personally have a Vornado 673 Medium Panel Air Circulator, but most of the fans around $50 perform very similar.

Note: some of the links used above are affiliate links. These links help me maintain the site to continue to deliver awesome content! Let me know what fans you all use in the comments section!

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Rawle W.
Rawle W.
7 months ago

I use a pair of Vacmaster Aero with wireless remotes. The windspeed is incredible! Check a comparison video here https://youtube.com/shorts/7wAOyhNGUUI?feature=share

Mark C
Mark C
7 months ago

I run a pair of the Lasko fans on a remote switch I can reach from the bike so I don’t have to run them while warming up. They are aimed at my feet cuz if they’re pointed up anymore than that my knees get too cold. Yeah, that’s how good the pair work. Then I’ve got a big Rowenta pedestal fan with a remote control aimed at my upper body. This has been effective up to 70 degrees or so.

7 months ago
Reply to  Mark C

Sounds like a great set up!

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