3 Best Races on Zwift

Here is a list of my top 3 picks for the best races on Zwift. These races will vary with length because organizers typically change the routes week to week.

TFC Mad Monday

The TFC Mad Monday is definitely my favorite race so far. The race is usually around an hour long, and it has a points throughout the races. I love competitive and fun races, this race is especially fun because of how fun and supportive the riders who participate in the series are. I’d highly recommend signing up for this series.

Team DRAFT Thursday Race

Though it is a small and not very well known race, the group of riders that show up every week are fun and competitive. The race typically gets 20-30 riders each week. I currently try to race this race weekly, before the TFC Mad Monday series, it was the racing highlight of my week.

Zwift Crit Races

These races are organized and managed by Zwift. In the winter months, these races get lots of riders, and they are very fun and competitive races. It is always fun to hop into one of these races around Downtown Dolphin or the Bell Lap!

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