3 Ways to Instantly Improve Race Results

Use your power ups wisely

Power ups are given at every arch/banner in the game. When you go through a banner/arch, a random power up generator will show up and will give you either an Aero boost(helmet), Draft boost(truck), Lightweight boost(feather), Undraftable(burrito), Steamroller(steamroller). The best power up in most cases will be an Aero boost. Note that using the draft boost when you are not in the draft will not benefit you at all. The steamroller is a very commonly misused power up. The steamroller is used to make every surface you ride on have the same rolling resistance as the road for 30 seconds. It is best to use this power up on dirt, cobbles, or wood planks. Having a power up in the final sprint will help you a ton, and if you race a lot on Zwift, you will notice that the top 5-10 riders all used an aero power up in the final sprint.

Use the draft

Why would you want to pull in a Zwift race? Use the draft wisely and sit in when you can, it is not smart to burn your matches in the front of the group. Saving your energy and drafting will lead to a much stronger sprint and will allow you to have the energy to follow attacks, push on the climbs, and breakaway for a solo win!

Know the route

Knowing the course that you are racing is extremely important. You don’t want to be surprised when there is a huge climb in the middle of the race. Knowing the route better also helps with bike selection, bike selection may seem like it makes a minor difference, but bike choice can impact your time by around 1 minute! Fancy an attack? Knowing the course will also help you plan your attacks wisely, because an attack on a pan flat course likely will not work.

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