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5 Most Competitive Races on Zwift

Looking to gain the ranks on the Zwift Power rankings? This is a list of the most competitive races on Zwift. This may vary depending on which category you are racing, but this is based off of data from A and B category races.

1. Zwift Racing League

Zwift Racing League takes place every few months, and lasts for aorund 8 weeks. This is easily the most competitive racing series for community riders, from A cat riders all the way to D. This series also gets lots of coverage from Zwift Community Live YouTube channel, where they commentate on the races and the riders. For more details on this series, head over to the WTRL site:

2. KISS 100 Race Series

The KISS 100 race series is more popular among the A category riders and B category riders, as 100km is a very long time to be on a trainer, especially while racing. Zwift Power scores are often in the very low 70’s for the A category winner, because it is where the top riders go to race. The B category can see scores in the low 100’s, which is still extremely good.

3. TFC Mad Monday

The TFC Mad Monday series is highly competitive, and has a very popular format among riders. The series uses A cat, then an A+ cat for riders in the upper end of the category. This is very helpful for riders who are new to a category. This race series is also very strict, which competitive racers love as there are far less “sandbaggers”. TFC runs a couple different time zones, Europe and America. For more details and registration, head over to this page:

4. OH CRIT Double Race

These are two relatively short Crit races, and they are back to back races, so as soon as you finish the first race, you’ll head over to the pen to start warming up for the next. These events are on Thursdays, and have a mid morning time for PST, and around noon PST. The series is very competitive for A, B and C category riders, and a very high paced race. For sign up follow this link:

5. MIDWEEK Winter Series by SZR

This is a very competitive series, and like the TFC Mad Monday series, SZR runs both a High and Low race, so the race suits both beginners and experts of each category. This race is not the most competitive for A category riders, but B, C, and even D are highly competitive, and you will definitely see a Zwift Power score increase. For sign up follow this link:

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