A Complete Guide to Zwifts Clubs Feature

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Background Information

Clubs was first introduced back in 2019, when the first private club was created for users that joined the platform during the Beta program. However, the other few million riders who did not join that early, had no access what so ever. That is about to change in the next few months. Just last week Zwift announced that they would be rolling out clubs for more riders who would like to have a Zwift club before year end. Riders can request to get the feature, but Zwift is not guaranteeing that they will be able to grant the feature. Zwift is currently doing a gradual global roll out, so it will take a few weeks for everyone to have the feature.

Creating a club

Creating a club is pretty straight forward. Once you get the clubs feature, you will have a tab in Zwift Companion that says clubs. From there, you just hit Create Club, then you will go through a set up process where you can name your club, set some settings, determine whether you will be a ride club, run club, or both. One step that is included is choosing a club icon, the icon can actually be uploaded to match your logo/symbol that your team/club uses. This can be done by going to the my.zwift.com website, and you can customize your club from there. One of the steps will look something like this image below.

Creating a club event

To create a club event, you will have an option that says Create Event. Once you start the process, you will be presented with an option to create a group ride. Group ride is currently the only option, but Zwift is working to expand the feature by adding group workouts and races. You will then be presented with a few different templates, if none of the templates suit what you are trying to do, then you can select your own route at the bottom of the screen.

After creating the event, you can change settings such as the distance, time, categories, leaders, route, and more.

Editing a club event

Once you publish the event, you can still edit it by going to the event page, hitting the three arrows, then edit. You can not edit the event too close to the start time of the event.

Managing club settings

Once you create a club, you can change all of the settings that you previously set, who can join the club, club name, description, header image, event image, icon, and more. To do this, head to your club home page, hit the three dots, then you will get a menu like this. You can edit the club from here.

Club roles

Once you’ve got some members in your club, you can set them as just regular members, moderators, or the club owner. The moderators can do most things that the owners can do, except some of the main club settings.

To change a riders role, just hit the three dots, go to your roster, then hit the three dots for the user, and you will be able to change their role.

Inviting users to the club

You can invite users to a club by heading to the club roster, then add users, and you will be able to invite anyone who is following you to a club. Currently, you can only have up to 100 riders in a club.

Zwift clubs online editor

Zwift clubs also has an online editor that you can access by finding one of your events, opening it on a web browser, then clicking the little edit button. For some information about it, I put together this quick video.

What’s coming next

Zwift plans to expand clubs in the coming few months. Starting with the ability to select workouts for the entire event to do, then later on a clubs discovery UI so that riders can easily find clubs. One highly requested feature is to have a custom club jersey. Zwift will eventually release a jersey selection, where club owners will be able to select a jersey from a list of jerseys. It is highly likely that this feature could be released down the road, but I wouldn’t expect it soon. The limit on how many riders, and how many clubs you can join has yet to be released, I assume the amount of riders that can belong to a club will be pretty high, as teams like HERD, DIRT, PACK, and others have thousands of riders, while the current limit is only 500 riders. For a complete article about the clubs feature, head over to this article: https://zracecentral.com/2022/01/25/whats-next-for-zwift-clubs/

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