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A Complete List of Zwift Events for Kids

There are tons of juniors out there who are looking for riders their age, skill level, and who share the same interests. Zwift has made some progress on making Zwift for juniors better but there are still only a few events that happen on a regular basis for juniors. There are currently no events that are on the official events that are kids ONLY. All of them are for juniors with adults welcome except the BCN youth ride where they tell adults not to come. Of course there will always be adults that come for whatever reason. Here are the events! Scroll down to the bottom of the page for event links.


Tour4Kids would typically have another edition in February of 2023, but this year, the organizers have opted to try something different. More details coming soon!

BYT Saturday Social

BYT has also just started having public events on the official Zwift calendar, these events are lead by juniors but are open to riders of all ages and abilities. The pace is 1.5-2 and it is at 8am PST on Saturdays. I would highly recommend trying out this event as it is one of the only events lead by a junior. Juniors will also be sweeping for the event.

SAS kids ride

The SAS kids ride has been around since Quarantine and has been quite popular for juniors. The ride is lead by the awesome SAS lead team who are very supportive and fun. Some kids race the ride even though it isn’t labelled a race. There are plenty of adults who join these events which is kind of what ruins the ride and makes them just like most other rides in my opinion but it is better than nothing

Team CLS kids ride

These rides happen every Sunday at 9am pst. I have done this ride many times but it has been filled with quite a few adults and it isn’t a race. It is paced at 1.3-1.5 with a 5 minute ish mini race at the very end. The leaders are good and very engaging. They have a good sweep who is supportive so it is kind of like an America version of the SAS kids ride.

BCN youth

I have not participated in this event because the time does not work for me but I like the way that the event is organized based off the description. It is a ride paced at 2 wpk so faster than the other but not too fast. The thing that stands out about this ride is that it is lead by kids and they advise adults not to join which will encourage more kids to join the event.

ZTPL.CC kids ride

I have not heard much about this ride but it is a more moderately paced ride at 2wpk, or 3wpk. I have not tried the event but it is lead by kids and they do mini races, attack, they just have fun like most kids. No structured workout just ride. This style of ride is pretty enticing for me because most rides are just steady 2 wpk without any efforts.

Overall Kids cycling on Zwift has come a long way. Starting with the first kids team Team Kids, then with SAS, CLS, ZTPL, then BCN joining in recently, and BYT currently on the rise still gaining members. Zwift has not done any official kids only rides or races, this is likely because of legal reasons that restrict them from being able to do things like that. SAS, CLS, ZTPL, BCN, and BYT have all done an amazing job organizing events but if you are looking for more racing I would join BYT and the Tour4Kids race series. Thanks for reading and ride on!


BYT Social – Friday’s 8AM PST

SAS kids ride: Unable to find event

Team CLS juniors ride: Cancelled

BCN youth: Unable to find event

ZTPL.CC kids ride: No longer running

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