A List of Zwift Pace Partners, Routes, and Speeds

For the past few weeks, Zwift has been making changes to their pace partners. Since May, Zwift has added a bunch of new pace partners. Here is a list of the pace partners and their speeds.


Amelia Anquetil – 4.2w/kg – Tick Tock
Bowie Brevet – 3.3w/kg – Tempus Fugit
Coco Cadence 2.5w/kg – Triple Flat Loops
Danny Draft 2.15w/kg – Flat Route
Diego Duke 1.8w/kg – Volcano Circuit CCW
Diesel Dan 1.5w/kg – Volcano Circuit
Dorothy Duster 1.15w/kg – Volcano Flat

Makuri Islands

Bernadette 3.8w/kg – Wandering Flats
Charlie Chaser 3.0w/kg – Suki’s Playground
Denise Drops 2.0w/kg – Sleepless City
Eddy Echelon 1.0w/kg – Neokyo Crit Course

To stay updated on the pace partners and their routes and paces, head over to this forums category: https://forums.zwift.com/c/futureworks/pace-partners/71

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