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A Recap of The Last 6 Months on Zwift

Indoor training season is going to start again. Here is everything you missed while enjoying the nice weather and fresh air. The past few months on Zwift have been pretty calm, but expect that to change in just under a week…

April – Zwift update 1.12

The April update contained a pretty minor feature, the ability to turn the HUD on and off, so you can really soak in the scenery in Zwift. This can also make for a more exciting race experience. The update also included the Zipp 353’s and the Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc. To read more head over to this link:

May – Zwift update 1.13

This was a major update that included a whole new world! This was by far some of the best work that Zwift has done, but this could change with the new Neokyo expansion release. The new world included 8 routes, which were all relatively short. Yumezi features a more rural countryside, while Neokyo represents more of a city. To learn more about the Makuri Islands, head over to this article:

June – Zwift update 1.14

Zwift introduced a much wanted badge hunting feature that would allow you to see which routes you have completed and which routes you haven’t completed from the route selection screen. Zwift would also later add a route progress bar to indicate how much of the route you have remaining. Zwift also gave the ability to create meet ups in Yumezi. Kickr bike steering was also introduced, which was broken that same day. It was fixed in a quick patch around a week later. For more information on this update, head over to this article:

July – Zwift update 1.15

Zwift introduced two new routes in Makuri Islands, Suki’s Playground, and Kappa Quest Reverse. Zwift also introduced numerous new frames and wheelsets to the game. These new equipment include, the Pinarello Dogma F, Specialized Aethos, and the Roval Alpenist CLX. Zwift also added a few new workouts to the workout folders. For more information on the update, head over to this article:

August – Zwift update 1.16

Zwift introduced two more new routes, Farmland loop, and Valley to Mountaintop. These were also pretty short routes, and the update did not include any new roads. The update also added a progress bar when doing a route. Zwift later added remaining distance to the progress bar. Zwift also introduced tons of new bikes, and two of the items would be the fastest. Here is a list of the new bikes introduced.

The new frames were:

Van Rysel EDR CF – 326,600 drops – Level 12

Canyon Ultimate CFR – 639,000 drops – Level 19

BMC Roadmachine – 780,900 drops – Level 21

Scott Addict RC – 852,000 drops – Level 33 – Best all arounder

Cervelo S5(updated version) – 852,000 drops – Level 27 – Fastest bike on flats/rolling

The new wheels were:

Cadex 65 wheelset – 241,000 drops – Level 8

Cadex 42 wheelset – 227,200 drops – Level 21

DT Swiss Disc wheel – 1,579,800 drops – Level 42 – Fastest wheelset on flats/rolling

For more information on the update, head over to this article:

September – Zwift update 1.17

This was a very minor update. The update contained the new Shimano Dura-Ace, remaining distance to the route progress bar, and two new wheels. Zwift also addressed many bugs that were released in the update, while releasing a few more while doing so. Zwift also added support for the new Apple TV remote, which made navigating Zwift easier for Apple TV users. For more information on that update, head over to this article:

October – Zwift update 1.18

The October update was kind of like the calm before the storm, except the storm was a good thing… Zwift added two new frames to the drop shop, and a few new workouts. Zwift also released some bugs, that they later stomped. For more information on that update, head over to this article:

November – Zwift update 1.19

This update is supposed to include a new expansion to the Makuri Islands, Neokyo. Check back soon for more details.

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[…] A Recap Of the Last 6 Months on Zwift […]


[…] A Recap Of the Last 6 Months on Zwift […]

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