Addidas #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge In Zwift

Addidas #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge In Zwift
        Recently Zwift has paired up with Addidas to have the #HOMETEAMHERO starting June 1st through to June 7th. This challenge is to help support the doctors who are currently risking their lives to help defeat Covid-19. 
        For every one hour you ride or run, Zwift will donate $1 to the Covid-19 solidarity fund for the World Health Organization. To join this challenge you must first download the Adidas running app. Then you will need to go to Zwift Companion , go under setting, then hit connections, and the Adidas app should show up there. Click the plus box to log in and connect the app. You can see how many minutes on the Adidas app. You will need to create an Adidas account if you do not already have one.

        If you participate in the challenge you will receive an in game running shirt. For cyclists there is no kit unlock but there may be an in game Adidas kit in the future. To get the unlock you must complete one of Adidas events, it does not matter which one, you just need to have your Zwift account connected with your Adidas account and then you are all good to go.

        If you would like to read what Zwift said, use this link. Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below 👇


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