All about Alpe Du Zwift

Ever seen this mountain looming over Watopia? Alpe Du Zwift is a crazy high mountain, although it may not be the tallest mountain in Zwift now, it is still the most scenic and rewarding(In my opinion). In this article you will learn all about the challenges that this giant mountain brings. You can see this climb from almost everywhere in Watopia. Once you get to a certain part of the climb, you can even be up above the clouds and look down at the rest of Watopia.

Alpe du Zwift is a simulation of the real life Alpe d’huez in France. Over a thousand meters high, making it the tallest and most challenging climb in Zwift. It was released into the world of Zwift back in 2018, since then, thousands of riders have tackled this climb, from the average riders, to the professionals. The climb features 22 hairpin turns, a spinning wheel at the top where you can win exclusive gear, or XP, and over 1000 meters of climbing. Once you start the climb, a segment board will come up, showing you your average power for each segment, heart rate, and time. It will also show your PR’s for the climb if you have done it in the past 30 days.

Zwift easily motivates people to take on this challenge by putting a spinning wheel at the top, where you can win gloves, a helmet, or even some new wheels. To get one of these prizes you must finish the whole climb, not just part of it. If getting to the top is easy for you, try doing it in under an hour! Or try and grab the jersey! Getting to the top of the climb takes around 3.4wpk or more to get sub 1 hour. I have done the Alpe in under 1 hour twice so far. One hidden feature on Alpe du Zwift is the Yeti, riders can very rarely see the Yeti roaming around turn 9-7 on the climb. I personally have never seen the Yeti, but I know of others who have. Have you seen the Yeti? If so, leave a comment below with an image of it!

Recently I climbed up Alpe Du Zwift for the 25th time, Which was the same ride that I got to level 50 on. It usually takes me just over an hour to get to the top of the climb, so a pretty solid effort. The thing I was really looking forward to was the spinning wheel. I ended up getting the laser bullet helmet, which was what I wanted. Overall, Alpe du Zwift is probably the most scenic climb in Zwift. It is no longer the largest climb in Zwift, as last year Zwift released Ven-top, which towers over 5000 ft high. 

I would highly recommend using a light bike for this climb. The current lightest set up is the S-works Aethos and the Roval Alpenist wheels. You can also win the Meilstein wheels at the top of the climb, which are currently the 1st fastest.

Thanks for reading this article, I highly recommend trying to tackle this climb, it is very challenging yet scenic. If I am looking for a long effort, Alpe Du Zwift is my go to climb. In my opinion it is much better than Ven-top as the scenery on Ven-top is not great. Here is a quick promo video that Zwift has of Alpe Du Zwift: Alpe du Zwift Preview. Any questions or comments, leave a comment below!

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