All about Zwift Academy Tri 2021

Zwift academy Tri is back! This and Zwift academy Road are my favorite events that Zwift hosts. The reason why I like this event series is because it is very motivating and fun to participate in. This year I am especially motivated because there will be an exclusive helmet unlock at the end of the academy that I really want. Let’s dive into the details. This year there will not be a seperate academy for men and women, just like all of the other academies this year. They will qualify for seperate teams, the 6 winners(3 males & 3 females) will get a spot on the Zwift Academy Tri team which will compete at the Iron-man World Championships in Kona in 2022. The final selection will be made in March of 2022. The event begins on the 18th of October and ends on the 13th of December.

Zwift will use the baseline runs and rides and finish line runs and rides to determine who makes it onto the team. Baseline runs and Finishline runs and rides have various distances, here are the distances: 20 km/40 km TT for bike and 5 km/10 km for run. You will need to complete 4 events of the Baseline/finishline rides. 1 of each for each sport, so 4 in total. There will also be 10 workouts that you will have to complete, either with a group or solo, as long as it is the Zwift Academy Tri 2021 workouts, then it will count towards the event. The workouts will be added in game in the coming few days when Zwift releases V.1.16. There will be short and workouts, some are meant to build speed and some are meant to build endurance. The long workouts are 40-60 minutes long and the short are 25-35 minutes long.

For more information about how you can score a pro contract, head over to this Zwift support article: Zwift academy Tri has the most unlocks, only because you have to do the most work to get it 😉. After you complete bike workouts 2 and 5 in addition to run workouts 2 and 5 will award you special Zwift Academy unlocks. The unlocks consist of a Backwards Cap, socks, A ZA Tri run kit, A ZA Tri cycling kit, and a exclusive TT helmet when you finish all of the required workouts and events.

Zwift has also updated their UI for the Zwift Academies so that it will display your progress in the academies, your Baseline test vs Finish line test to measure how much you have improved through the academy, a link where you can find FAQ, events, and more! I assume Zwift will also add a Zwift academy event filter once Off the MAAP is finished. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

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