All About Zwift Power Ups

Zwift is very well-known for its gamification. One of the key factors of Zwift’s gamification are power ups. Power ups are something that are commonly seen in video games, but none of the indoor cycling apps except Zwift offer them. This makes for a more fun experience for riders. This article will delve into each of the different power ups and how they should be used in the game.

Aero Boost(Helmet)

Best uses: high-speed sprints/finishes

The aero boost is arguably the most useful power up when it comes down to power ups in Zwift. It increases a riders aerodynamics by 25% for 15 seconds, making them go much faster in game. This power up in symbolized by a light blue helmet with streaks behind it. The power up can be obtained at any of the arches in game, it is not an event only exclusive.

Draft Boost(Truck)

The drafting boost increases the draft benefit that you are receiving from the riders in front of you by 50% for 30 seconds. This power up is very useful for recovering in between hard efforts and fast finishing sprints. The power up is not an event only power up, so it will be seen when free riding too.

Best uses: recovery, high-speed sprints/finishes


The Burrito power up, or the undraftable power up is my personal least favorite. This power up removes the draft from you, and the riders around you for 10 seconds. This should be used when going for a breakaway. Lots of riders make the mistake of using this power up in a large peloton.

Best uses: breakways


The invisibility power up makes you invisible to the riders around you for 10 seconds. Note that this power up cannot be used when you are within 200 meters from the finish. Use this power up wisely!

Best uses: long-range sprints, attacks, breakaways


The lightweight power up reduces the users weight by 10% for 15 seconds. This power up is very useful in most situations because it increases your wkg, ultimately resulting in a higher speed—especially on the climbs.

Best uses: hills, sprints

Regular Tarmac(Steamroller)

The Steamroller is a power up that is commonly misused because riders do not actually know how the power up functions. The Steamroller makes it so that your speed is identical to how it would be on traditional tarmac for 30 seconds.

Best uses: dirt, gravel, bricks, cobbles


The Anvil power up is a power up with lots of potential, but riders often use it in the wrong way. The Anvil power up makes it so that riders are 50kg heavier for 30 seconds. However, it only works on descents >-1.5%, so it won’t do anything if you are riding on a flat surface.

Best uses: descents