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All about Zwift Power

     If you use the Zwift power platform where you keep track of your races, join teams, and get results without the cheaters. Every race you do if you do not get disqualified you can get your race scored. The lower score the better. Zwift Power will then rank you amongst the other racers in your category. Zwift Power takes your 5 average scores and finds the average of them so that you will have a zwift power scores. On zwift power you can also get DQ (Disqualified) if the race says no Zpower, and your riding on zpower, if the race requires a HRM and you didn\’t where one, if you entered the wrong category, and if you are just too powerful for the category you are racing in. I hope this article gave you a brief overview of what zwift power is and does. Thanks for reading and check back soon for a special article!

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2024 years ago

check out zwiftinsider to find another thing to post an artice on #ZDL

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