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All about Zwift’s Supertuck

The UCI may have banned the super-tuck, but it remains legal on Zwift. The super-tuck is a hidden feature that Zwift released awhile back. Users can get into the super-tuck when they are going roughly 36 mph or more when on a -3% grade, you must be gliding for your rider to go into this position. This is a popular move for riders that are serious riders in hard, fast races. It is also popular for everyday riders who just want a brief rest while descending climbs. The super-tuck can sometimes also be faster than pedaling downhill depending on how hard you are pedaling, how much draft there is, and how steep the descent is. I recently tested this on Alpe Du Zwift, a TT bike was much faster than super-tucking all the way down. If there is a lot of draft, you could get to 100kph on the downhill of the radio tower without even pedaling! You could even ride to the top of Alpe Du Zwift, then once you are done, get off the bike, start cleaning up, and just let your avatar fly down the mountain! Next time you are in a race, group ride, or free ride, drop into the super-tuck and enjoy the rest!

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