All about Zwifts Tron Bike

        Many Zwifters know about the Tron bike, its long lasting legacy as the coolest ride in the game. To get this amazing glowing bike you have to unlock it. Even though the Tron bike is no longer the fastest, it is still the coolest. You may think everyone has the Tron bike but that’s only because they have most likely been Zwift if since the very beginning. Want your Tron bike?  Keep reading to find out how you can get it!

        To unlock the Concept Z1, aka the Tron bike. You must climb a total of 50,000 meters. Before you start, be sure you have the Mount Everest challenge selected. Climbing 50,000 meters takes most Zwifters anywhere from a couple months to years depending on how much you ride on Zwift. In my case it took just under a year.

        My recommendation for getting the Tron bike is to climb about 20,000 feet every month. About 5,000 feet a week. Just over a year ago, after I don’t know how many epic KOM’s, I got the Tron bike. Recently one Zwifter climbed the height for the Tron bike in one session. Others are trying to climb the elevation of Mount Everest in one session. These are both very tough challenges. One of my goals that I had was to be the 5th kid to get the Tron bike in Zwift. I accomplished that goal, although there is no way to validate that there were no other kids ahead of me.

        The Tron bike was once the fastest bike but is now the 7th because of the recent release of the Zipp 858/disc. But the Tron bike is still the fastest bike if the top 6 bikes aren’t paired with the 858/Disc. One thing very different about the Tron bike is that the Tron bike never goes into climbing position, only sprinting position and upright position. The Tron bike may no longer be the sharpest tool in the shed but it certainly is the coolest. The Tron bike can also change any color other than red. This makes for a great bike that matches with nearly any kit out there. To read more about the different bikes and which are the fastest, check out Zwift Insiders speed test articles:

A common mistake when trying to go for the Tron bike, is not selecting the Everest challenge, if you are on the Tour of Italy or the Tour of California challenge, whatever you climb while in that challenge will not count towards the Tron bike. After you finish the Everest challenge, the challenge will keep going until you climb 50,000 meters, when you unlock the Tron.

        The tron bike is easily the coolest ride in Zwift. No matter how long it takes you, getting the Tron bike is a huge achievement. If you haven’t, keep working at it and you’ll be there in no time! But most good things you have to work for, especially the tron bike. Do you have the Tron bike yet? If so, let me know in the comments! Keep climbing, push the limits, and you will get the tron bike!

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