April Fools Day 2022 Zwift

Update: The April Fool’s suprises have not gone live yet, which makes me think that these are going to be event only surprises, so that the riders who do not want to participate in the surpises don’t have to. It looks as though this year we will be riding with big heads! Take a look at the April Fool’s Day surprise!

It seems as though Zwift will be keeping this an event only feature for April Fool’s, so if you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to, but I gotta say it is lookin pretty cool! Currently you can only see this during the April Fool’s Day events. It is a bit disappointing to see that Zwift did not use a new surprise, as this was used back in 2017 for April Fool’s. It is still a great opportunity for riders who have not experienced this yet as the last time it was used was 5 years ago. Enjoy the surprise and stay tuned for a short video!

Zwift has started scheduling some April Fools Day rides for the 1st of April, which is coming up in just two days! Here is what I think Zwift could be planning for this year.

1. Trike bikes

I think that is it very possible that Zwift might bring back the Trike bikes for the second year in a row. Zwift hasn’t been putting a ton of effort into these small things, there was no holiday kit in December, and no new years day hats on the new years. This has been pretty disappointing for me and many other Zwifters.

2. Mix of previous years

In previous years Zwift has done a paper boy themed day and a retro day, maybe we could see a mix of the previous years? (Maybe different years for each world).

3. Something completely different

I am very excited to see what Zwift has up their sleeves this year. As soon as the April Fool’s days tricks go live, I will have screenshots up ASAP. I will also update this post with a video of the April Fool’s day shenanigans with the first April Fool’s day ride.

Zwift’s decription for the event simply reads “It’s Watopia’s favorite hijinx filled holiday, April Fools’ Day! This year we’re celebrating all day long with social rides, group runs and chase races. Join the extravaganza and take a trip around Watopia’s popular Flat Route.” This means that we will definitely be getting some April fools day fun, but I don’t doubt that it could very well be the trike bikes again.

Zwift will also be hosting social rides throughout the day, group runs, and chase races. Social rides, chase races, and group runs will be taking place every hour starting at 5:20 pm PDT. The group rides will last for 40 minutes while the group runs will be 30 minutes. The chase races will be on one lap of Wandering Flats. Category enforcement will be used for these races. Use this link to browse all upcoming April Fool’s Day events: https://www.zwift.com/events/tag/aprilfools.


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