Best Beginner Rides on Zwift

Just getting started on Zwift? Here are some great rides for beginners on the platforms.

Group rides

Many groups on Zwift offer group rides on the public calendar. The paces can range from around 0.8 w/kg all the way to 4 w/kg for some rides. For slower beginners, I’d recommend checking out the ZER group rides, those tend to be the slowest on the calendar. The next slowest are HERD rides. HERD has a magical way of making EVERY ride a blast. I can easily say the same for PACK, and other organizers. Whatever group ride you choose to join, the chances are, it’s going to be a good one. HERD and PACK rides are the most popular because they have group rides for riders who average around 1.0-2.5 w/kg. Even if you are a bit more advanced than that, they will still be great recovery rides. These group rides can be found on the events section of the Zwift Companion app.

Short routes

Zwift offers routes ranging from 2.6 miles all the to 108 miles. The world with the most routes is Watopia. If you are looking for a shorter route, I’d recommend filtering the routes by distance, least to greatest. The routes without a green check are the routes that you have not completed. Routes are a great way to just enjoy the ride and scenery, while still getting loads of XP. Note that when you complete a route, you get double the XP in the end.

Zwift 101 Training Plan

The Zwift 101 training plan was the first training plan that I did. This training plan introduced me to workouts and training, while keeping the workouts hard, but not too hard. The plan only requires 2-3 hours a week, so I’d highly recommend it. It also teaches some of the basics of Zwift during the workouts.

Pace Partner Rides

Pace partners are a great way to get a feel for the way Zwift works. Based on your FTP you can probably find a pace partner that it around your pace. They range for 1 w/kg all the way to 4 w/kg. Their routes rotate each week, keeping the ride fresh and new each week. They are also constantly running, so whenever you want to hop on for a ride, they are available to you.

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