Best group rides for beginners

     In this list you will find my five group rides that I recommend for beginners on Zwift. In Zwift there are tons of easy/beginners group rides. Enjoy the article!

    Coming in first for the best beginner group rides is the Pack 1.5 beginners ride. This is an extremely fun ride. The sweeps are also amazing, one time my little brother fell behind by 1 minute and the sweeps managed to catch him up to the main group.

    Coming in second is the Zsun back to basics ride. I have done this ride many times, the leader is awesome and sticks to the advertised pace. This is by far one of my favorite rides to do on zwift. Hope you decide to join the fun!

    Coming in third is the Herd Mellow monday rides. The Herd has lots of beginner rides, there is one everyday I think. I have joined them many times, but my favorite is the Wacky Wednesday ride that they do, during that ride, the leader keeps the crowd entertained by joking around for the full hour.

    Fourth on my list the ZHCC sub 2 ride. This ride is a bit faster than the others but overall it is an awesome group ride. The leader is very good at keeping sub 2 for the whole time and keeping the group together.

    Last but not least! I highly recommend that you join the Kids Bike Club rides or the Flat friday rides, these are both very chill and fun. I like to chat a lot about random stuff so I don\’t think you will get bored doing flat friday. Kids Bike Club is an awesome club, it used to be team kids, for more use this link

    Thanks for reading! I hope you decide to join one these rides because they are amazing rides, some of my favorites too. Feel free to give me any tips on youtubing cause I have no idea what i\’m doing…

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