Best Indoor Cycling Desks [2023]

Looking for a way to hold your device while indoor cycling? This is a complete guide to the best indoor cycling desk of 2023. I have tested many desks, and in this article, I will share my opinion on the ultimate cycling desk, best priced cycling desk, and best budget option.

Best Budget Cycling Desk // KOM Cycling Indoor Media Display Cycling Desk

The KOM Cycling Media Display is easily a top performer when it comes down to the indoor cycling desks. This is because of its budget-friendly price and simplistic look and feel. The media display has a slot for a tablet or phone, a surface for a laptop, two cup holders, and a very adjustable design. While it doesn’t have some of the components that the highest end cycling desks have, it is still a good option for the price.

Best Premium Cycling Desk // Wahoo Kickr Desk

The Wahoo Kickr Desk is one of the first indoor cycling desks ever released. It offers a great design and build quality, but is pretty overpriced. The Kickr Desk mimics a lot of the features that the KOM Cycling Media Display offers, just with an over-wheel design. This makes it so that the desk can fit over your wheel, making it easier to access. This desk is often thought of as the best of the best, but only purchase if you have the money to spend.

Best Mid-Range Cycling Desk // LifeLine Turbo Trainer Table

I have been seeing the LifeLine products more and more. It seems to be a brand that is pretty much only shipping to Europe, but based off of the prices that I have been seeing, these products seem to have a very good value. LifeLine also makes a rocker plate that retails for just under $400(At the time of writing, it is for sale for $162). At the time of writing, this indoor cycling desk is also available for $69. If this desk can be found for under $100, I’d argue that it is easily the top indoor cycling desk.

Overall, your purchase will ultimately come down to how much you are willing to spend, where you are located, and what kind of design you prefer. The LifeLine Turbo Trainer Table is certainly an amazing deal for those in Europe, but for the rest of us, the KOM Cycling Media Display and Wahoo Kickr Desk are going to be the best options. Note: some of these links are affiliate links. These links help me to maintain the site.