Best Rocker Plates for Zwift

Looking to level up your Zwift set up? Rocker plates are a great way to do this. Rocker plates allow for more movement when riding indoors – this includes side-to-side and up and down movement depending on which rocker plate you go for. In this post, I dive into the best rocker plates for Zwift – this includes the best budget options, the ultimate rocker plate, and the best all-around rocker plate.

Velocity Rocker // The Ultimate Rocker Plate

If you are looking for the ultimate rocker plate, the Velocity Rocker is the one for the job. This rocker plate features 165 mm of fore-aft movement and 15 degrees of side-to-side movement. Similar to most rocker plates, this plate features rubber balls as it’s main source of side-to-side movement. Not only does this rocker plate feature the bells and whistles of the other rocker plates out there, but it also has LED lighting beneath it, which allows for control via an app or music control (changes based off music), pretty cool stuff!

Side-to-side: 15 degrees

Fore-aft movement: 165 mm

Price: $769

LifeLine Indoor Cycling Rocker Plate // Best Budget Rocker Plate

Looking to get a rocker plate without spending the same amount that was spent on the trainer itself? LifeLine offers a rocker plate with 13 degrees of side-to-side movement, which is slightly less than other competitors. However, this rocker plate does come in at half the price of the Velocity Rocker, but you do miss out on a few of the higher end features. Note: I have seen this rocker plate on sale for ~$250 at times.

Side-to-side: 13 degrees

Fore-aft movement: None

Price: $350

Rockr Pro // Best All-Around Rocker Plate

The Rockr Pro is likely the best rocker plate for the value. This rocker tops all of the other options in terms of side-to-side movement at 18 degrees of movement. However, it only offers 15 mm of fore-aft movement. The Rockr Pro’s pricing varies depending on which trainer compatibility you need, but it starts at $499.

Side-to-side: 18 degrees

Fore-aft movement: 15 mm

Price: $500

KOM Cycling RPV1 // Honorable Mention

Although some of the other options listed offer a better value for the price, KOM Cycling is easily the most reputable brand to purchase a rocker plate from. This is important because if something should go wrong with the rocker plate, some of these other brands may no longer be around. The KOM Cycling RPV1 offers very similar specs to the LineLine Rocker Plate, featuring side-to-side movement with rubber balls and a sturdy wooden platform.

Side-to-side: 13 degrees

Fore-aft movement: None

Price: $499

That wraps it up for the best rocker plates. While all of these are great options, it ultimately comes down to which features you prioritize and your budget. Alternatively, many Zwifters choose to build their own rocker plate as opposed to purchasing one.