Best Trainers for Zwift 2023

Currently, in 2023, what is the best trainer for indoor cycling? Or more specifically, Zwift? Here is my pick for the top 5 trainers for Zwift.

The Ultimate Trainer // Tacx Neo 2T // $1399

Three years post-release and this trainer still holds the spot at the top for the best trainer. This trainer has the some of the best accuracy with a whole bunch of other fun features packed into it! I currently own a Tacx Neo 2T and it is still going after 15000+ miles of riding. In my opinion, it is also the most realistic in terms of road feel. In the next week or so, I will be publishing a video and article with an in-depth review 2.5 years post-purchase. Watch my video review of the Tacx Neo 2T here:

Best Budget Trainer // Zwift Hub // $499

The Zwift Hub was released in late 2022 and was extremely popular in the indoor season of 2022. This trainer is essentially a Wahoo Kickr Core, just $400 cheaper. I expect that this trainer will be one of the top selling trainers pretty soon, which will also help grow the user-base on Zwift. While the Zwift Hub has had a few issues recently, Zwift is definitely working on fixing them and tends to have great customer support.

Best Smart Bike // Tacx Neo Bike *Original // ~$2900

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus was another indoor trainer that was released in late 2022. This smart bike just does not offer enough to make it reasonable to pay the price that Garmin is asking. The same goes for the Wahoo Kickr Bike V2. I just simply cannot find a good reason to spend $3,600 on a smart bike that I don’t find enjoyable to ride. On the Wahoo Kickr Bike, I feel like I am not really riding as there isn’t very good road feel. On proper trainers, I feel like I can push more watts because there is some good road-feel. If you are looking to purchase a smart bike, I’d highly recommend considering purchasing the original Kickr Bike or Tacx Neo Bike

Best Wheel-On Smart Trainer // Wahoo Kickr Snap // $399

For the riders who just want a simple and quick way to kickstart their indoor training, the Wahoo Kickr Snap is the best trainer for that. I will note that I have had issues with tire slippage with wheel-on trainers, so a direct-drive trainer is best for those who want a flawless set up. The Kickr Snap is only $100 cheaper than the Zwift Hub, making it kind of unreasonable to still purchase a wheel-on trainer, but if simplicity is your thing, this is your best bet. The Kickr Snap offers a +-3% accuracy, the best accuracy for a wheel-on trainer.

Honorable Mention // Wahoo Kickr V6

Wahoo has likely been one of the most innovative when it comes down to the indoor cycling industry. They, unlike Tacx, have been adding new features every 2 years to keep their products fresh and new. The Wahoo Kickr V6 currently has some of the most accurate power and is one of the most well-built trainers on the market.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Indoor Trainer

There are lots of things to consider if you want to purchase an indoor trainer. To make things simple, I make these flow charts to help riders decide. It will be updated as new trainers are added 🙂 Note: this flow chart is based off of my opinion as to what trainer is best for what type of person.

Struggling to Decide?

Let me know which trainers you are interested in and I will let you know which I think would be the best for your specific case!

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