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Best Zwift Related Content (Podcasts, YouTubers, Websites)

Here are some of my favorite places to listen/watch more Zwift related things!

Zwift Insider

Zwift Insider is the most popular content provider for Zwift related things. They have a wide variety of articles such as speed tests, event news, route recons, and more! Zwift Insider is widely known for running speed tests to provide Zwifters with information on what the best bikes to buy are. Check it out! .


Shane Miller(GPlama) provides tons of cycling sports tech related content, including videos about Zwift. Check out his YouTube channel with 150k + subscribers!

Zwift Cast Podcast

The Zwift Cast podcast started a while back and has grown to well over 100 episodes now. The hosts at Zwift Cast provide the latest Zwift news as well as some fun gossip and Zwift related rumours. Check out their podcast here:

Zwift Power Up Podcast

The Zwift Power Up Podcast has both a cycling and triathlon version, so be sure to check both out. The Zwift Power Up podcast provides content related to training on Zwift. Check it out here:

Zwift YouTube channel

Zwift also has a YouTube channel where they post content weekly. Some of the more popular videos include the World Of Zwift show that is now on its 59th episode! There are also some Zwift Racing live streams on their channel which feature some of the best Zwifters in the world! Watch their videos here:

Zwift Community Live

Zwift community live is the go to Zwift live streaming channel for community racers. They stream the regular Zwift Racing League, WTRL TTT’s, and more community run events! Check out their channel here:

Got any other Zwift content providers? Leave a comment below with the name of the podcast, show, website, or YouTube channel!

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