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Best Zwift Ride Under 45 Minutes

Got 45 minutes to burn? Why not hop on Zwift, there are tons of Zwift workouts that are under 45 minutes, and a lot of races that are under 45 minutes. Here are the three best Zwift rides that you can do in 45 minutes or less.

The best Zwift ride is likely the workout from the VOX women’s tour. The workout is called Tanja Erath – FTP Booster, it was actually designed by Tanja Erath. I have done this workout before and it was very hard. This workout is made to help improve your FTP a few weeks before races. This workout consists of some warm up and openers, then right into the main set. The main set is made up of three builds of 4 different amounts of power. In between each build is a 1 minute rest. This workout is great if you are really trying to maximize the effort that you put on in 45 minutes. This workout can be found under the Vox Women’s tour 2021 section.

The next best is likely a Crit City race. Crit City races last around 20-25 minutes depending on how many riders are in the race, and which category you race. Including a warm-up and cool down, it is around 45 minutes long. I would highly recommend doing a warm up workout, if you have one that works for you, or hopping on with a pace partner(I usually hop on with the one below the category that I am racing), then do a few openers to get the legs ready. For a cool down I just get to a high cadence and keep the legs spinning while I look at Zwift Power results, power numbers, and other stats. Here are the typical durations of the races based off of category. This is for a standard 9.8 mile Crit City race.

A – 20 min

B – 21 min

C – 23 min

D – 25 min

The last is the Wringer. The Wringer was the first workout that I ever did, and I suffered. This workout helps boost your VO2 and improve you 30 second power. This duration effort is great to simulate race finishes, where you will have to do a pretty long sprint. This workout is 43 minutes long, it consists of an 8 minute warm up, twelve 30 second efforts, 2:40 rest to start, then -5 seconds of rest for each of the intervals. In final rest is 2 minutes long. This workout can be found in the 60 minutes to burn section.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you try one of these workouts the next time you ride! If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below!

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