Best Zwift Rides Under 30 Minutes

Here is are the three best Zwift rides that you can do that are under 30 minutes. Zwift has quite a few workouts now that are under 30 minutes, there are also quite a few races everyday that are around 20-30 minutes long. You may not think that 30 minutes is a long time, it isn’t, but you can do a lot in only 30 minutes!

One of the best rides that you can do in under 30 minutes, is Jon’s short mix. This workout has a little bit of everything, Sweet Spot, Sprints, VO2, all in one workout. This workout is 29 minutes long. It consists of a 5 minute warm up, then two all out 1 min efforts with 30 seconds of rest in between. Then there will be three 10 second sprints with a minute of rest in between. The workout will finish with 10 minutes at high Zone 3, then a three minute cool down. This workout was made by the Co-Founder at Zwift, Jon Mayfield.

The next best ride that you can do in under 30 minutes, is Vault. Vault is an over under workout, but the overs slowly increase, starting at Zone 5, peaking at high Zone 6, then going back down to Zone 5. The under part is just below Zone 4, so around sweet spot. This workout is 20 minutes long, and has 26 stress points. This workout will definitely make the most of your time. This workout can be found under the less than 30 minutes to burn section.

The final best ride under 30 minutes long is Miracle. I have done this workout before and it was absolutely brutal. This workout is made up of 2 sets of ramping 1 minute efforts, but in between each minute is a 15 second rest. The first minute will be Zone 4, the next will be Zone 5, then high Zone 5, and topping it out with 1 minute of free ride where you go as hard as you possibly can. You will then get 2 minutes of rest, and then you do it all again. This is a solid 20 minute workout that will definitely leave you sweating. This workout is also found in the less than 30 minutes to burn section.

Best Zwift rides series…

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