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The #1 Team for Juniors on Zwift

Bikely Youth Team

Bikely Youth Team[BYT] is the largest team for juniors on Zwift. The team was founded in 2020 by Paul Vriesman, and has since grown to over 150 members! Throughout the year, team members ride, race, and train together with riders from around the world.


Whilst juniors are no longer permitted in Zwift Racing League, members of BYT still race together throughout the week—all coordinated through a simply message in the Discord server. BYT admins also aim to provide events for juniors to participate in throughout the indoor cycling season.

Join the Team

BYT welcomes all members—no matter how strong or consistent riders are. As long as riders are under the age of 19, they have a place on BYT. All riders have to do to sign up is the following:

  1. Request to join the team on Zwift Power
  2. Join the team on Strava
  3. Join the Discord Server[optional]

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