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BYT championships info+bike recommendations

     The BYT championships have just been announced! Join this yearly race and become the new champion of BYT! This will take place on the 19th of december at 17:30, 8:30 am pst. It will be on the innsbrucking route and we will do two laps of that! Here are the bike recommendations for the route.

    This route is all about aero and flat speed. If you are afraid that you will get dropped on the small climb, I would use the tarmac pro with fast wheels on the flats to be sure that you do not sacrifice any time on the flats by using a less aero frame. If you are less worried about the climb, I would recommend the Tron bike, or the s works venge disc with some deep wheels because other than the small climb this is a flat route. I decided to compare the speed of the tarmac pro with 858s on the route with the venge s works disc. This will likely be a fast race taking about 30 minutes at most. To sign up private message Paul vriesman. I tested the cannondale evo with the 858s next to see which would be the best. Finally I tested the venge with the 858s

Tron-15:12 one lap of innsbrucking @4wpk Mini hill-1:36

Cannondale evo 858s-15:22 one lap of innsbrucking @4wpk Mini hill-1:36

S works venge 858s-15:15 one lap of innsbrucking @4wpk Mini hill-1:37

Cervelo S5 with 454s-15:20 one lap of innsbrucking @4wpk Mini hill-1:36

Results are showing that if you use a light bike with aero wheels it will not make you faster, in face 10 seconds slower than the tron. The best set up for this route that I have is the Tron bike. If you\’ve got the tron, then use it. This is the perfect route for it. Leave a comment below if you have any bikes you would like me to test. Let me know what bike you are going to use in the comments below!

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