BYT Gravel Challenge Announced

The BYT Gravel Challenge 2023 has just been announced! James, Paul, and I have been hard at work to create this all new event. The BYT Gravel Challenge is meant as a way for juniors to race together during the cold winter season. The event is organized by Bikely Youth Team(BYT), but all juniors are welcome to join—regardless of team association.


Since this is a one-off event, it will be a longer race. The race takes place on February 4th, at 8:30 am PST(convert to your local time here) over [X] laps of the [X] course in Watopia. A course that is completely made up of gravel.

All riders under the age of 17 are allowed to join this event and it is a mass start event, there will not be categories dividing riders. This is in order to keep it as fun and competitive as possible. Mountain bikes and TT bikes are also not allowed. Riders must use gravel bikes during this race.

The race will be live streamed on the ZRace Central YouTube channel with live coverage and commentary.


If at least 10 riders join the event, there will be a 25 dollar Amazon gift card up for grabs. The rider who wins the race is the one who takes the prize. There are no points for primes during this race.

Watch the Video