Could there be a TTT mode coming in Zwift?

     Recently Zwift Racing League has blown up and there are now tens of thousands of riders competing on tuesdays during the TTT\’s and scratch races. There is also a weekly Thursday race that is a TTT. I have heard that Zwift had a TTT mode/feature ready but never ended up releasing it. Is it possible that Zwift will bring it back into consideration for a future release?

Is it likely that this will even happen?

    I think that it is very possible that Zwift will bring it back for a future release, maybe even in the coming months. If Zwift can do a time trial mode with riders starting at different times, they could certainly do this. Zwift is also the official owner of the Zwift Racing League, WTRL is just managing it and organizing it. This gives them a huge opportunity for this to be a big thing.

What would this do/help with?

    This would help riders start at the perfect time and help riders warm up instead of having to be in the pairing screen at the same time. This will also help with the organization to prevent riders accidentally starting when the clock hits zero, even when it is not their turn. They could also enable this for meetups so teams could race each other and practice their TTT skills. Team time trials have always been popular on Zwift but with Zwift Racing League going on TTT\’s are more popular and there is more demand for a feature like this.

What other features could be coming soon?

    As some of you know, there is a rule in the premier division that you cannot use a disc wheel for the scratch races. for some riders it is hard to remember not to be on the amazing looking rainbow disc for the scratch races. This could probably be a good feature that helps but it will likely be premier division only feature that is not a major feature announced to the public. Another feature that Zwift could easily implement is a more organized way to do the results for TTT\’s. Currently it is very hard to find out how you did compared to the others until official results are released on the WTRL website. All they would have to do is change the way the results are done for certain races.

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