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Doing workouts up the alpe

     Many riders choose to do their workouts up the alpe for many reasons. In this article I will be writing about all the reasons why someone would choose to do a workout up the alpe over the desert. 

    The first and biggest reasons why is because you earn more XP than you would on the flats. This is normally true because at the top of ADZ you get either 250xp or 1,000xp if you already have all the prizes. When you are doing a workout you get XP for the amount of time the workout is, so if the workout is around an hour and a half long, you\’ll get like a thousand XP and a bonus at the top. Keep in mind that there are achievements for doing alpe du zwift 5 times and 25 times. You could also get an achievement if you do ADZ in sub one hour.

    The second reason why riders would choose to do a workout up alpe du zwift is because all that climbing your doing counts towards the tron. If you want the tron but have a training plan that you need to do, you could get the tron and get stronger during the training plan. 

    My final reason is that some people just like climbing more than others. Lots of riders find flats boring, so might as well spice things up by doing a workout up alpe du zwift!

    I hope you found this article fun to read, if any article I write is boring, please let me know. (I do not want these to be boring) Ride On!

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