Elite Sterzo Smart Steering Review [2023]

The Elite Sterzo was the first ever smart steering device released that is compatible with Zwift. Since then, the only other device to be released is the JetBlack Smart Steering Block. This is likely because of the lack of action Zwift has taken towards steering on the platform. When the feature was first released, Zwift made a huge deal of it. However, after Zwifters noticed that Zwift hasn’t been making any developments, the entire project slowly died.

Despite this, I have heard some whisper on the forums that Zwift will continue work on this feature to improve the steering experience.

Set Up

The set up of the Elite Sterzo was super simple. It came in a nice intuitive box, and all I have to do was take the device out of the box and place it under my wheel. The device came with batteries installed, so I could immediately use the device. This was extremely convenient and made my job way easier.


Over the past few months, I have found it very fun to use. However, the fact that Zwift has not allowed steering devices in events is a huge bummer. As someone who is really focused on Zwift racing, the device is not as appealing to me as it is to riders who are on Zwift to have fun and explore the platform. The main place where a steering device is used is Repack Ridge.

For those who want to learn more about Repack Ridge, see this Zwift Insider article: https://zwiftinsider.com/find-zwifts-new-mountain-bike-steering-course/.


For the general consumer, this is a nice addition to indoor training. The device allows you to swerve around corners, navigate Zwift, and ride the mountain bike course. While it is something very small, I did enjoy being able to use the Sterzo to turn at intersections on Zwift.


It is important to note that most of my dislikes are not of the device, but rather Zwift’s inadequate support for the device. Steering has so much potential on Zwift. Racing can easily be much more strategic with the addition of steering. There has been lots of discussion around riders with steering having the advantage. However, someone will always have an advantage. In real life cycling, riders can upgrade their bikes, tires, and all sorts of equipment. The same can be said for gaming.


Overall, depending on what type of Zwifter you are, this may or may not be a good choice. For those solely focused on racing, this is likely not a good investment—the money can be spent on making a button to activate a power up instead… For those who just want to enjoy the platform and explore the virtual roads, this is likely something that users would want to look into. Note: some of the links utilized in this article are affiliate links. These links help to support my website.