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February 2023 Sky’s the Limit Zwift Mission Announced


While missions are not quite the same as they used to be, they are still a good incentive to get riders to achieve certain goals. This month, Zwift is encouraging riders to climb 3000 meters over the course of the month of February. To put this into perspective, riders will need to climb ~100 meters everyday.

For some, this may seem like a lot. But if you think about it this way… it doesn’t seem too bad…

  • Ven-Top 2x
  • Alpe Du Zwift 3x – I personally think that this would be the better choice. Ven-top is just soooo boring because of the lack of scenery and prizes at the top. Alpe du Zwift is far more developed and encouraging—knowing that you could get lots of XP at the top.

Signing up for this mission is nice and easy. Just log onto Zwift, click on the card that says “Sky’s the Limit”, then click “Register”. Easy!


The completion of this mission will get you a badge in the Zwift badge section. I personally find this very disappointing compared to the good ol’ days. Formerly, companies would sponsor the monthly mission and provide prizes to random winners—it was pretty cool. Now, all we get is a little completion badge…

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