Finding Entry level races for riders new to a category

     Many of you who race on Zwift have moved up a category at some point. Whether Zwift power told you to or you told yourself, it is both exciting and scary knowing that you are going to racing riders that are a whole other level. I was once a D category rider, then I became C, and I am nearly a full B category racer. Once Zwift Racing League is over I will likely be doing only B races despite the fact that it will be awhile before I get a podium. 

    Finding races that are not super competitive but still have actual B category riders are somewhat hard to find. Typically the Zwift run Zwift Crit City races are pretty packed with 30+ riders in each category. The Zwift HQ futureworks races are typically not that popular, sometimes with less than 10 riders in each category, I found that these races were not as fast the popular B races which helped me ease into category B. Also finding competitive races in your existing category like Zwift Racing League, or any races with lots of riders signed up are typically faster and more competitive. This is just a brief article of one race that I have found less competitive in the past, if you just look for races that have less than 20 riders signed up they are usually less competitive. This post will be updated as I find more races.

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