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First time trial race review

     This is a race review of my first time trial on zwift. This time trial has the feature where it breaks the route into different segments. I also decided to record the race so that I can put it on the Youtube channel. The video is not uploading for some reason, it has been stuck at 3 percent for like a few hours, if you have had this problem previously, please let me know. Back to the race! I joined the event like 10 minutes early so that I could warm up. I started out averaging like 4-5 wkg, which was a ton for me, my goal was to maybe set a new FTP during this ride. I started out way too fast. At around 1/3 left of the race, I needed to slow down because I was not feeling that well, it was eighty degrees in the garage so not the best day to be doing a time trial. I used the Cervelo P5 with the 808s, my fastest flat combo. I ended up having to slow to around 3wkg towards the end due to the heat. I came in like 20th and averaged around 3.7wkg which is pretty good for me for a longer race. Thanks for reading! If you have any tips or suggestions for Youtubing, please let me know. Thanks! The video should be up soon. The video is now up! Here is the link

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