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“Flat is Fast” Zwift Racing January

Every month, Zwift is hosting a racing series targeted towards riders who are more time-crunched and looking for a fast, hard, race. December saw the “Race Like a Pro” series, and now for January the theme is “Flat is Fast”.

As the title suggests, this is a series comprised of flat races. The courses will likely take riders ~45 minutes or less depending on the category. Here is the schedule for this series:

Jan 3-8: Stage 1: Tick Tock // 1 lap

Jan 9-14: Stage 2: The Fan Flats // 3 laps

Jan 16-22: Stage 3: Volcano Flat Reverse // 2 laps

Jan 23-29: Stage 4: London Classique // 2 laps

Jan 30-Feb 5: Stage 5a: Mech Isle Loop // 1 lap

Jan 30-Feb 5: Stage 5b: Flat Route // 1 lap

Note: Stage 5a and 5b are double races, meaning they will be back to back. One’s result from both of the races will be counted towards the GC.

As usual, there will be a Zwift Power GC utilized to determine the rank of each rider at the end of the series. Heart rate is required to be included in the Zwift Power results and category enforcement will be used.

In order to sign up for this series, sign up via the Zwift app. To browse all upcoming ZRacing events, head over here:

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