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Garmin Never Stop Series Announced

Zwift just announced a new series by Garmin, this series is for both riders and runners, and features in game unlocks and IRL prizes. If you complete any of the stages you will get the cycling kit or running kit, depending on which event you did. Every event that you complete, you will get an entry to win a Tacx NEO 2T and Forerunner 945 Tri Bundle, two very nice prizes. The series begins on December 2nd, and ends on the 18th.

These rides are go at your own pace rides, so expect to see groups scattered throughout the courses. Zwift also will be offering both a shorter distance and a longer distance for both running and riding. Here are the courses/routes for cycling. Note: For run routes head over to the link to the series below.


Shorter Routes(~40-50 minutes depending on pace) – Events every 2 hours

Makuri Islands Suki’s Playground – Distance: 18.5 km/11.5 mi

London 8 Reverse – Distance:  20.3 km/12.6 mi

France’s RGV – Distance: 24.1 km/15.0 mi

Watopia’s Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop – Distance: 19 km/11.8 m

Longer Routes(1:30-2 hours depending on pace) – Events every 6 hours

Watopia’s Dust in the Wind – Distance: 52.1 km/32.4 mi

The London Pretzel – Distance 55.6 km/34.5 mi

France’s Tire-Bouchon – Distance: 61 km/37.9 mi

Watopia’s Big Foot Hills – Distance: 67.5 km/41.9 mi

For a complete list of the events in the series and the run routes, head over to this link: For event terms and conditions, head over to this link:

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