Getting Started With Zwift Running

Background information

     In early 2018, Zwift Running was introduced to the public. You can join Zwift running for free, if you are not a cyclist, you do not have to pay anything to use Zwift Running. Zwift running is pretty basic, as in there are not many features, courses, events compared to Zwift cycling. Zwift running will still make running on a treadmill more interesting though. Zwift runners have 21 levels that they can unlock, unlocks consist of hats, glasses, shoes, and kits. 

What\’s needed

    To get started with Zwift running, all you need is a treadmill(smart treadmills that are compatible with Zwift do not require a run pod/speed sensor), a runpod/speed sensor, and a device that is compatible with Zwift. Zwift currently makes their own run pod that you can purchase for $39.99 USD on their website(Link to product:, they also sell the Runn made by NPE(North Pole Engineering) which costs $99.99 USD, it is available for purchase on the Zwift website(Link to product: Zwift also has a list of compatible treadmills here: That is all that is needed to get started on Zwift running! Note: Zwift running and cycling both use the same app. 

    I hope you found this article interesting and helpful, thanks for reading and ride on! Any questions or comments, leave a comment below 👇.

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