Giant Crit Crushers 2021

     Giant has just announced that the annual Giant Crit Crushers are back. This event was very successful last year but unfortunately pretty much only riders who live in Australia could participate because of the time. This year the series will be back with 3 time zones throughout the day so that riders from all around the world can participate! These rides are taking place every Thursday of may. These rides are a race and if you complete any event you can unlock the new Giant kit and the Liv kit for women. If you do both races you can unlock the new Giant bike that was recently added in game, which will save you 745,000 drops. I recommend finding a time zone that works for you and participating in this event to get the Giant bike for free! I\’d say it is a win win even if you don\’t use the bike, its free.

    Giant has put together a quick promo video for those who would like. It is a pretty fun little video! Here is the link: Here is an updated link to the page to sign up for all of the events along with additional information:

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