Giant Gravel Crushers Zwift

The Giant Gravel Grinders have just been announced, a series that consists of group workouts and two short crit gravel races.

Group workouts

There will be group workouts from the Giant Gravel Grinders workouts led by gravel riders. If you complete any group workout you will unlock the Giant kit(note that the kit is not new, it is the same as the previous year). Women will unlock the Liv kit(kit is from 2019). A full list of the workouts will be added shortly.


Every week there will be two back to back gravel sprint races. Much like the Giant Crit Crushers, there will be one race with a second one around 30 minutes later. If you complete any of the races you will unlock the kit. You will also get the chance to ride the new Giant Revolt Advanced Pro(not in game yet, so keep your eyes peeled!), and the Liv Revolt Advanced Pro. Zwifters will also get the chance to unlock the Giant/Liv backwards cap!


Routes will be added shortly. Expect the races to be on some of the newer short gravel courses.

The series will also use Zwift’s new gravel road surface. Learn more about the new gravel surface here:

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