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Note: This was a limited edition event and the Halloween fun is now gone, they will be back next year! Just a few hours ago Zwift added some new Halloween pace partners. There are three new pace partners, Mecha Masher, Darwin Dino, and Carly Cyclosaurus. Carly is paced at 2.5wpk, Mecha is paced at 1.3, and Darwin is at 1.2. Instead of getting drops from the progress bar, you will get pieces of the costume. The progress bar seems to move slower than usual, but this may be intentional. However, after the 31st of October, you will not get to keep these costumes. The usual pace partners are up, but keep an eye out for other spooky surprises. I have already noticed lightening in Watopia. Unlike last year, I do not think that the paces will be fluctuating. Last year there were also issues with the pace partners u turning randomly, I haven’t noticed that at all this year. Leave a comment below with what you find! Here are some images.

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Andrew L
Andrew L
2 years ago

I was dropped by one strangely and it overtook the whole peleton on the downhill and continued to go at around 50 KPH a minute after the downhill section. this was Carly Cyclosaurus so I don’t know if this is something zwift have to fix or It’s just very fast for a C pace partner. Great content as ever, the first place I go to when there is new zwift material. Thanks Oliver 😀

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