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Handful of Gravel Zwift Details

This route was introduced in the February game release and will be used for the Tour of Watopia. For events this route starts in the jungle pens, which adds another 2.6 miles to get to the start of the route. For free riding the route starts in the jungle, so there is a very short lead in. This route goes through the main jungle loop and the bypasses that were added in the December 2020 release. The route starts in the Jungle Pens, then makes it way to the main jungle loop, then into the Mayan Bridge area. This is a short crit loop so most events will do this in multiple laps.


Strava Segment – Coming soon

Route Badge XP – 125XP

Distance – 3.8 miles/6.1 kilometers

Elevation – 246ft/75m

Lead in(Events only) – 2.6 miles/4.3 kilometers

Video recording

How to Access

The only way to access this route right now is to use the Zwift Hacks Zwift Prefs tool. For a quick video on how to use it, head over to this video.

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