Hardest Routes on Zwift 2023

Zwift has hundreds of routes across their 10+ worlds. However, there are three clear winners for the toughest routes on the platform.

What Makes a Route “Hard”?

When creating this list, I took a few things into account. As one would expect, distance was the biggest factor. The next most important is the elevation. However, a pan flat 100 mile course is not as hard as say an 80 mile course with 10,000 ft of climbing.

1. PRL Full // London // Rolling

The PRL Full in London is no-doubt the hardest route on the platform. The route is 100+ miles long and consists of eleven laps of the London Loop course in, well, London. This route also has a “half” version, where riders will only complete half the amount of laps around this course. Often, route badge hunts are held on this course so that riders can complete this course with company, as riding with others really helps to pass the time. Using the link below will display all upcoming events on the PRL Full course.

Distance: 107.8 mi // 173.5 km

Elevation: 7513 ft // 2290 m

Route Badge: 3460 XP

2. Uber Pretzel // Watopia // Hilly

When this course was added to the game, it covered the every road in Watopia. With the recent game releases, it no longer covers all of the roads. Anyway, this is definitely a bucket-list route that is often regarded as one of the hardest routes. The Uber Pretzel takes riders through most of the roads in Watopia, featuring a finish atop the Alpe. The route doesn’t quite hit the immense distance that the PRL Full covers, it does cover more elevation than the PRL Full.

Distance: 80 mi // 128.7 km

Elevation: 7661 ft // 2335 m

Route Badge: 2560 XP

3. Four Horseman // Watopia // Hilly

The Four Horseman course may just be the “hilliest of the all”, as in the elevation climbed per km/mi is likely higher than the others. In a bit under 100km, riders ascend well over 2000 meters. Four Horseman ascends Watopia’s toughest climbs—Alpe Du Zwift, Watopia KOM, Epic KOM, Volcano KOM. While there are other routes that complete more distance than this one, this route ascends far more than the others, making it the third toughest route on Zwift.

Distance: 55.9 mi // 90 km

Elevation: 6929 ft // 2112 m

Route Badge: 1780 XP