How it Was Done // Bringing Down My Zwift Power Score From 350 to 200

The Zwift Power rider ranking is used to determine how good of a Zwift racer you are compared to other riders in your category, and in the world. At the beginning of the year my Zwift Power score was around 300, and I wanted to bring it down to the 200’s. Just today I got a decrease down to 200.13!

I started by joining some mass start races that had a very good Zwift Power quality. Learn more about Zwift Power quality here:

I found that racing in small mass start races with a good overall score(average of all the riders signed up) was the best way to increase my score. My best score for a race so far is 158, from the OH MY CRIT Saturday Smash Race. This race hosts some of the best A category Zwifters in the world, so even though I got dropped, I still got a good score because of how high of a quality the race was. Racing consistently was also very important, knowing the ins and outs of Zwift racing is the best way to help you win races and place higher. I also made a video on how you can improve your racing on Zwift.

I now race around 4-5 times every week, and I only typically get a gain on 1-2 of those races. I am also now the 5th highest ranked C rider!

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