How to Calibrate trainer on Zwift

         After a few rides or before a big race it is advised that you calibrate your trainer to ensure that you get the most accurate ride as possible. To do this you go into the app, once you pair your device it will show a little wrench next to the trainer. You must click the wrench, it will then tell you to do a spin down calibration. For some devices you cannot calibrate through the zwift app. If there is no wrench tha means your trainer either doesn’t need calibrating or you have to do it through the manufactures app, such as the tacx app or wahoo app. Once you finish calibrating the trainer your watts should be pretty accurate depending on what trainer you have.

Click the wrench next to the trainer as shown in the image above.

It will then ask you to accelerate to a certain speed/pace depending on whether you are running or riding. Thanks for reading and please spread the word about my blog and check back often for new articles!

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