How to Create a Successful Breakaway on Zwift

Breakaways are pretty tough to create on Zwift. However, they can be done. In a race that I participated in, I created a well orchestrated attack and was able to nearly succeed. I blame the internet drop out at the end of the race for the loss 😉

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Plan Your Attack

A breakaway without a plan is bound to fail. Riders must know when and how they will create a split in the group. Whether it is with the use of a power up, or a slight incline, it is important to know what exactly you are going to do to get away from the main group.

Know the Event

Becoming familiar with the event may seem trivial, but is crucial to the success of the breakaway. It is important to know all of the details of the event. This can range from things like double draft, power ups, category enforcement, etc. These details can be found on Zwift Hacks.

The field size is another piece of information that will likely determine whether the breakaway is a success or a failure. When the pack is too large, the draft is extremely high, causing insanely fast speeds—leading to a lack of ability to separate from the main pack. However, Zwift is working to improve this with their newer iterations of the Pack Dynamics. The goal of the new version is to make the dynamics more like real life—where breakaways are more likely to succeed.


Timing the breakaway well is very important in ensuring that the attack works. If you attack too soon, you will blow up and slowly lose momentum towards the finish.