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How to earn drops faster

     This post is all about how to get drops faster. With drops you can buy all sorts of cool bikes and wheels in the drop shop. Here are a few ways that you can get more drops than you usually would just free riding on one of zwift\’s courses.

    One way that you can get more drops faster is by riding with a pace partner. By riding with a pace partner you get a drop multiplier that will show up on your screen. You can get up to 2x the amount of drops you would normally get. This helps you get drops a lot faster. You can get 2x the amount of drops if you are riding with a pace partner for approximately 30 minutes.

    Another way that you can get increased drops is by climbing a hill. When you are climbing you get around 2x more drops. You could also combine strategies by riding with a pace partner up a hill. Then you will gain drops extra fast. When you are climbing you will get less mileage but more drops. So you can get closer to those wheels or frame that you have always wanted.

    The last way to get increased drops is simply by getting ride ons. There is really no way to get ride ons other than people giving them to you but the more ride ons you give the more ride ons you are likely to receive back. If you ride with C Cadence there are constantly riders giving bunch ride ons. If you give someone a ride on a orange thumb will show up next to your name on their screen. If they click that thumb then it will give you a ride on! You can give mass ride ons by entering the companion app and going to the screen where there is a map. On the map there is a little bubble around the people near you. You can click this button and it will give 5 riders around you ride ons. You can hit this button every 5 seconds.

    I hope you try one of these strategies to help you and your fellow zwifters get more drops to spend on your next bike. I know I am saving for the 858/disc. I love the rainbow colors. If you have any other ways to get more drops leave a comment below, also, what are you saving for?

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