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How To Get Access To Zwift’s Clubs Feature

Zwift is currently allowing the public to test out their newest clubs feature. The clubs feature is scheduled to release early 2022 to the public, but you can fill out a form to get early access. Zwift is not guaranteeing that you will get access, but it is highly likely. For more information about the feature itself can be found here:

Here are the steps you need to follow to get access to the clubs feature. If you run or are part of an IRL club, the feature will be very useful for you. In order to request access, just fill out the form linked to this forums post, and Zwift will review your request. Zwift will let you know if they are accepting you into the beta program, there is a chance that they will turn you away though. Here is the forums post:

This is a great feature, although it is very disappointing to see that juniors can not join or create clubs. I hope that Zwift can find a work-around to this legal issue before public release, which is scheduled for early 2022. Keep a look out for the new UI, there are rumors that it could begin rolling out sometime in December.

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