How To Get The Holiday Kit on Zwift

Zwift confirmed that they are no longer doing this for this year. They will have a bigger new year’s celebration instead. You may have seen riders riding around Zwift with a Christmas theme cycling kit last year, well if you enjoyed it, you will be glad to hear that it’s back! The Christmas kit is now available to select, and the holiday decorations are up! You also may notice the decorations around Watopia(lights on the trees, Santa’s sleigh was spotted a few years back). This is very easy to get, here is a video with instructions on how you can get it. Prefer to read? Click here.

Step by step

  • Go to your “garage”
  • Select jersey icon
  • Find the default Zwift jersey
  • Select the default Zwift and there you have it!

Holiday Decorations

  • Lights around Watopia(On trees, bushes, etc)
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