How to make your Zwift experience the best possible

     Many Zwifters start out and Zwift is just ok. If you haven\’t tried one of these things I recommend doing so to make your Zwift experience the best possible. Here are three tips to make your Zwifting experience a lot better. If you have any other tips leave a comment below!


The first tip is pretty basic. Use a fan. Using a fan makes Zwifting much more enjoyable especially in the summer. When riding in an enclosed area there is no airflow unless you have a window or garage door open, even then there is not much airflow. Getting a good strong fan helps keep you cool and circulate the air around you to make sure you don\’t have a ginormous pool of sweat under your handlebars ;). If you have a weak/small fan it is better than no fan but I recommend getting a standing fan because they tend to be a lot stronger.


The second tip is pretty straightforward. Join a group ride. Joining a group ride makes your rides a lot more engaging and it keeps you interested when there are over 100 other riders around you. If you are over 13 you can also see the chat and there is a lot of friendly chatting and joking around that happens during these rides. The ride leader also makes the rides as fun as possible. My personal favorite group ride is the ones from HERD because of how good the leaders and how and dedicated they are to leading the rides and making them fun. Riding alone can get boring after some time so I definitely recommend changing things up if you are someone who rides by themselves or just does workouts.

Tour De Zwift Group Ride


The last tip is pretty simple too. Learn more about Zwift. Once you know all about Zwift it will make your experience a lot more fun. Learning the UI is pretty confusing at first but gets less confusing once you read about it. There are tons of articles about Zwift, I also have some articles on my blog that you can dig through if you are interested. Many Zwifters do not know much about the drop shop. The drop shop is something that motivates a lot of people when they see a new bike/wheels that they want to buy.

    I hope that these tips were interesting and helpful. If you have any questions or tips then just let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! Ride on!

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