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How to Perform a Zwift World Hack

The world hack can be used to ride any route you want at any time, it just involves changing a line of the code in your files. The better way to this is to create a meetup in the world you want to ride in on the route you want, and you don’t have to mess with the files.

How to

First, you need to find the Zwift Document files, once you find them, you will find one that says prefs.xml file. Open that in an app like textedit or wordpad. Then, add this line just under the <zwift> tag. Don’t place it anywhere else or it could mess stuff up. Then, load up the game and you will see Watopia replaced with whichever world you chose.

Code for each world

Watopia = <WORLD>1</WORLD>

Richmond = <WORLD>2</WORLD>

London = <WORLD>3</WORLD>

New York = WORLD>4</WORLD>

Innsbruck = WORLD>5</WORLD>

Yorkshire = WORLD>7</WORLD>

Makuri Islands = WORLD>9</WORLD>

France = WORLD>10</WORLD>

Paris = WORLD>11</WORLD>


Here is an example of what the first few lines will look like when world hacking to Makuri Islands.


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