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How to Quickly Improve Zwift Power Score


For those of you who are not familiar with Zwift Power rankings/scores, Zwift Power gives you a score for every race. This formula is the same formula that USA Cycling uses to calculate USA Cycling rider rankings. The lower score the better; some of the top A category riders can be seen with scores as low as 67! Here are some ways that you can quickly boost your Zwift Power score.

Find high quality races

Finding high quality races is actually very simple if you know your way around Zwift Power. Once you log onto Zwift Power, you will automatically be redirected to the events page. Hit filters, races, then turn on rankings. This will show the rankings for the upcoming events. I am not sure how the race quality is calculated, but I assume it is based off of the top rider scores in the event. The more riders that are signed up, the higher the quality likely is. The lowest number next to the category that you race is the highest quality race. The race quality is the number circled in the screenshot below.

If I were a C category rider, the best race in the next few hours would be the Chase Race with AutoCat, as the race quality is 268, rather than the others which are in the 300’s.

The events that are typically the highest quality will be the ones run by other organizers such as 3R, HERD, SZR, WLC, and other well known teams on Zwift.

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